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Motor Testing MCA & ESA

The health analysis techniques for your electrical machines: Motors, Generators, Transformers, Drives, Inverters.

Motors and drives do not unexpectedly fail. A fault begins to form, grows, evolves and at a certain point “explodes”.

That’s when the technician intervenes to just say: “The motor has burnt out”.

In reality, the fault did not happen a few moments before. Usually, like almost every breakdown, it started quietly and then progressed.

However, the progression can be detected: production stops and unexpected costs can be avoided.

The diagnosis of electric motors, inverters and others requires specific tools, capable of identifying even the smallest anomalies of the components analysed: these are the MCA & ESA Motor Testing techniques.

An efficient Motor Testing program enables us to:


The instrumentation is portable and connects to the AC or DC motor, inverter or drive, depending on whether it is an energised or de-energised system test.

In just a few minutes the condition of the motor and drive are evaluated using special algorithms.


Both MCA& ESA analysis methods allow us to spot even the smallest anomalies in the electrical system.

Maintenance or replacement of components can be properly planned, avoiding unnecessary stops and trips for repair.

Save money

Motor Testing makes it possible to increase the efficiency of systems through early diagnosis and fault prevention. Analysing the operating conditions of the plants also allows us to discover inefficiencies and work to reduce energy waste.

Installations and systems are always under control

Motor Testing is carried out to monitor the state of the electrical machines, to determine their condition and to identify in advance possible faults that could lead to production stops.

Motor Testing can also be carried out to check electric motors that have just been purchased or repaired, to check the quality of the product or the effectiveness of the work done.

Motor Testing can also be used to optimise energy consumption, so as to always use perfectly tuned equipment, limiting electrical consumption.

Identify well in advance
possible failures of motors and drives
to avoid production stops

The two different Motor Testing technologies

“Offline” analysis (MCA)

The Offline type of analysis, i.e. MCA Motor Testing is carried out on a de-energised motor, first from the main switchboard and then, if we have any doubts, from the terminal board.

For an even more accurate result, in case of suspected anomaly, we can redo the test by moving the rotor slightly by hand.

MCA Offline Motor Testing Chart showing damage on a stator winding in a “squirrel cage” AC motor.

AT5 PRO All-Test Tool AT5 PRO for MCA “Offline” Test

With the Motor Testing MCA we can check these electric machines in de-energized conditions:

  • AC / DC electric motors;
  • Generators / Alternators;
  • Machine tools;
  • Servo motors;
  • AC / DC traction motors;
  • Measurement transformers;
  • Power transformers.

The system allows to analyze a whole series of possible problems in a simpler and deeper way than using a Megger or a Volt/Ohmmeter:

  • Ground Faults;
  • Short circuits inside the coils;
  • Open or defective connections;
  • Rotor faults;
  • Winding contamination.

A plant cannot “run” if the engine
does not work or works badly.

Motor Testing is the guarantee
for its good functioning.

“Online” analysis (ESA)

The type of analysis Online, i.e. ESA Motor Testing is carried out on an energised motor, from the electrical panel. This allows us to detect other types of defects in motors and electronic components.

The advantage of this method: you do not have to stop the motor and so we can also check the inverter and the most important mechanical components.

ESA Online Motor Testing Graph to check the condition of an inverter’s diodes. In this case everything is fine.

FFT spectrum analysis of the current wave spectrum on the DC motor of a reel winder

All-Test PRO ATPOL II  Tool for “Online” ESA Tests 

With the Online Motor Testing ESA We analyse and evaluate the entire electronic control and command system during normal operation. In particular:

  • AC / DC electric motors;
  • Inverters (VFD);
  • Generators / Alternators;
  • Traction motors;
  • Machine tool motors;
  • Reduction Gearboxes;
  • Pumps and fans;
  • We can also perform:

  • Verification of the commissioning condition;
  • Failure diagnosis.

With ESA Online Motor Testing we can aldo identify and trace several potential anomalies, such as:

  • Damage to windings;
  • Imbalance in phases;
  • Broken windings and faulty connections (in conjunction with offline analysis);
  • Rotor defects;
  • Energy efficiency measurement;
  • “Power quality”;
  • Control of harmonics presence;
  • Inverter verification (diodes, capacitors, IGBT);
  • Verification of bearing condition and rotor dynamics (dynamic unbalance or misalignment).

Un impianto non può “girare” se il motore
non funziona o funziona male.

Il Motor Testing è la sua reale garanzia
di funzionamento.

Motor Testing: the health analysis of your electric machines.

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