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Motion Amplification® Systems

The new frontier to “see” vibrations: the diagnosis of equipment, machinery and structures is at another level!

We at DarkWave Thermo are technical partners and exclusive authorised distributors for Italy and Switzerland.

In DarkWave Thermo you will find the technology and all the skills to use it at its best: with Motion Amplification® you will “see”, to believe!

As technical partners, official distributors of RDI Technologies and certified instructors, we can take you on an amazing journey to discover the incredible technology of Motion Amplification®.

Figuring out where the critical points of high vibration plants are hiding or validating FEM analysis predictions is now a matter of minutes. And costs go down.

Believe us: separating the vibration modes of a structure or machinery, performing an ODS analysis, visualizing a looseness or misalignment is really possible, it’s really fast.

Motion Amplification® technology is available in three versions: IRIS-M™, IRIS-MX™ ed IRIS-CM™, each with its own peculiarities and performances but all with the same common base.

From the very first demonstration you will find that problems with vibrations, looseness, misalignments, resonances and more will no longer be a matter of discussion and wasted time.

All issues will be immediately “visible”.

And when the problem is clearly and easily visible, the repair will consequently be fast, effective and immediately verifiable.

All you need to do is check the system a second time with IRIS-M™, after you’ve fixed it.

Motion Amplification® analysis on the main drive system of a ropeway.

“IRIS-M™” –  the Core of Motion Amplification®

Let’s see how it works and what it looks like.

The Motion Amplification® system uses a high-speed camera and dynamic pixel response to light changes to analyse vibrations.

When a machine vibrates, it deflects light in an imperceptibly time-varying way, depending on its frequency and type of displacement.

The Motion Amplification®, thanks to its innovative and revolutionary software, allows to analyse these imperceptible variations of light and to make a real “vibration analysis”.

Even more incredibly, motion can be “filtered” and “reconstructed” to show the various frequencies independently of each other.

IRIS-M™ System Motion Analysis Software. Spectral and waveform analysis for all pixels.

Amazingly, the IRIS-M™ and IRIS-MX™ systems are small and highly functional.

They look like ordinary, not-so-large cameras mounted on a tripod and connected to a laptop.

If the light is not enough, they are equipped with LED lighting systems, but they can easily work with normal lamps available on the market.

A Motion Amplification® technician is more like a videomaker than a typical vibration analyst.

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The system can then understand how every single point of the analysed machinery moves and do some very interesting things:

  • determine the vibration waveform;
  • determine the vibration FFT spectrum;
  • filter each single vibration mode;
  • measure vibrations both in displacement and velocity;
  • reconstruct, amplified, all vibration modes of an equipment.

It’s a small, simple, easy, but most of all “powerful” system.

A Motion Amplification® technician during an acquisition in a steel mill plant

This is what the IRIS-M™ system looks like in its basic configuration, ideal for most typical analyses of industrial equipment and structures.

  • Available lenses: 16 mm, 12 mm, 25 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm
  • Acquisition system: i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, dual battery, super lightweight, drop resistant according to MIL-STD-810G standard
  • Acquisition speed: 120/100 fps default, up to 1 300 fps with reduced resolution
  • Frequency Range: up to 3 000 cpm at 100 fps acquisition speed. Max: 39 000 cpm at 1 300 fps and reduced resolution
  • Minimum detectable displacement: 0.25 micron at 1 m, with 50 mm lens at maximum luminosity
  • Motion Amplification factor: 1-500x
  • Shock absorption pads: up to 95% impact absorption
  • Tripo: professional, with pistol grip
  • Case: shockproof, dustproof and splash proof
  • Standard USB3 cable: 3 m lenght

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La telecamera ad alta velocità di IRIS-M™

It’s not just the capture that has incredible possibilities, but also the export of the videos allows for multiple variations all of which are useful in allowing technicians to understand the problems.

And “understanding” means much easier resolution.

The Motion Amplification® suite also includes the ability to make videos and movies with charts, spectra, waveforms and annotations.

This makes it easy to highlight the conclusions of the survey, to show them to staff who are not fully involved in the analysis or who are not purely technical.

  • Export format: MP4 HD video, with resolution up to 1920×1080
  • Video Annotations: Overlapping Text, Shapes, and Annotations in Video Export
  • Video speed in export and playback: from 1 fps up to 4x
  • Grid overlay: overlapping grid totally configurable (color and size)
  • Export options: standard and amplified video side by side or amplified video only
  • Custom logo: possibility to use a custom logo in export video
  • Zoom image: possibility to export only enlarged areas

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“IRIS-MX™” – the HD Motion Amplification® at the highest speed

Let’s talk about the high-speed system now, to expand the horizon of the analysis.

There are applications for which it is necessary to raise the acquisition frequency to the maximum. These are not typical cases, they are not malfunctions usually detectable in normal analysis, but for some applications it may be necessary to go further.

And so the IRIS-MX™ system was born: the same capabilities as IRIS-M™ but taken to the incredible limit of 29ooo fps.

It is clear that such a system requires a lot of light to work perfectly, so in the kit we suggest to integrate one or more powerful LED lights to ensure the best possible visibility of the structures, even with very high acquisition speed.

IRIS-M™ System Motion Analysis Software. Spectral, waveform and phase analysis for all image pixels, with thousands of potential vibration sensors.

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The ultra-high-speed system IRIS-MX™

  • Acquisition speed: 1 400 fps by default, up to 29 000 fps with reduced resolution
  • Frequency range: up to 42 000 cpm at 1 400 fps acquisition. Maximum: 870 000 cpm at 29 000 fps and reduced resolution
In addition:
  • LED accessory lighting kit: 14 000 Lux @ 1m, complete with Li-ion battery, tripod, anti-vibration grommets, computer stand

Same capabilities as IRIS-M™ but taken to the incredible limit of 29000 fps

“IRIS-CM™” – Motion Amplification® for continuous multiple analysis

Multiple, continuous vision controlled by virtual accelerometers: the latest frontier in Motion Amplification®.

There are situations where the anomalous event does not occur at a pre-established moment and it is necessary to continuously acquire from several points of view. These are the situations in which machines or piping, in moments not clearly identified, begin to vibrate in an anomalous way: despite the checks made it is not possible to understand when and how the problem shows itself. 

Thus, the IRIS-CM™ system was born. The same capabilities of IRIS-M™ but some innovative and exceptional performances: from 1 to N cameras with amplification and continuous recording.

Such a system requires a constellation of rugged data processing units, each with an Intel I7 processor, 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM, to ensure efficient and effective data analysis and storage.

The full circle of IRIS-CM™. Motion Amplification® becomes Continuous Monitoring.

The multiple camera system IRIS-CM™

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The continuous multiple acquisition systemIRIS-CM™

  • 1 to N IRIS-M™ cameras connected to a constellation of processing units, all interconnected
  • Continuous analysis and amplification, on all cameras, at the same time, all together, or separately from each other
  • recording with FIFO (First In First Out) logic so as not to miss the moments just before the anomaly and those after
  • up to 90 minutes of video recording starting just before the abnormal event
  • Triggers with selectable virtual accelerometers on all image pixels
  • physical accelerometer triggers for dark or inaccessible spots

Several IRIS-M™ for multiple views and automatic start of video capture

Now you will want to know what we can do for you, as official distributors for Italy and Switzerland.

If your interest in Motion Amplification® is currently one of curiosity, we can conduct demonstrations at your facility.

If, on the other hand, you have a problem to solve, our team can follow you in the analysis of your plants and help you in defining the best strategy.

And if IRIS-M™ is the tool for you, we’ll follow you through every step from purchase, through technician training, to field start-up.

We are waiting for you in the fantastic and incredible world of Motion Amplification®!

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