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ALL TEST Pro Equipment

The Motor Testing All Test Pro is the best on the market to analyse electric motors with portable instruments.

At DarkWave Thermo, we are technical partners and authorized distributors of Easy Tool, the official Italian importer of US instruments ALL-TEST Pro.

Also for this instrumentation, those who ask us for support can then decide to continue on autonomously: we will accompany you along the route.

We can start providing the service with periodic inspections and then, later on, when you are satisfied and when you feel able to continue on your own, we can support you throughout the transition period and in training, until you are able to continue with the analysis, until you are completely independent.

We will also choose together the most suitable instrument for the best technical investment: the right instrument in the right place.

If you already know what you need, we can provide you with the instrument of your choice.

There are two types of Motor Testing: the static “MCA” type, designed to understand the condition of the windings, and the dynamic “ESA” type, to analyse the dynamic condition of operation and drives.

The instruments for effective motor testing


ESA “Online” Motor Testing Analyzer

The ESA “Online” test is carried out with the system in motion, connecting amperometric clamps and voltmetric tips to the systems, to acquire the current and voltage waveforms passing upstream and downstream of the drives.

The data collected are processed and analysed according to the type of load that is occurring, extrapolating FFT spectra and waveforms.

The anomalies are “extracted” from the acquired data in order to emphasize them and therefore to be able to analyse them punctually and precisely, based on the technical characteristics of the systems under control.

The test requires the system to operate at constant speed for about 60 seconds and can be applied to AC and DC motors, generators, inverters or drives.

The system is specialised and focused to generate guided diagnoses of:

    • Evaluation of the electrical and mechanical condition of the stator;
    • Evaluation of the mechanical condition of the rotor, in particular the rotor bars for three-phase asynchronous motors;
    • Analysis of the coupling condition (belts, joints, etc.);
    • Verification of the condition of the load and its mechanical condition;
    • Bearing condition analysis;
    • Condition analysis of the main components drives and inverters.

The system is able to automatically detect:

  • Line frequency, rotation speed and pole passage frequency;
  • Peaks and “patterns” traceable to damage frequencies given by stator slots or rotor bars;
  • Automatic identification of anomalies due to static and dynamic eccentricity;
  • Evaluation of the input power supply, including harmonics;
  • Calculation of operating efficiency in AC and DC motors;
  • Power Analysis, including peak and transient analysis, as well as energy consumption data

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ESA & PSM Software – For dynamic diagnosis and Power Quality

Analysis of waveforms and current and voltage spectra.
Automatic analysis of anomalies and troubleshooting.
Verification of inverters, drives, and Power Quality.

  • It is the specific software to analyse waveforms and FFT spectra of both current and voltage;
  • It is equipped with automatic algorithms for the diagnosis of anomalies in electrical machines;
  • By entering the information on the number plate and load characteristics, the software diagnoses any anomalies and provides information on the general and detailed operating conditions;
  • It allows the diagnosis of inverters and drives to check the condition of diodes, capacitors, IGBTs, SCRs.

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“Offline” MCA Motor Testing Analyser

Let’s see how it works.

The test is carried out with a motor or other de-energized electric machine, also stored in stock. It exploits the injection of high frequency and low voltage currents into the windings, comparing the main electrical quantities and comparing them with the relative standards.

An instrument specifically developed for the control of:

  • Electric motors (both AC and DC);
  • Generators/Alternators;
  • Brushless motors;
  • Transformers.

The lightest and most powerful instrument for the diagnosis of AC/DC motors and transformers

The technology is licensed and uses the measurement of all relevant electrical parameters of the motor. Below you will find the technical specifications of this lightweight and super powerful analyzer.

  • Testing frequencies: 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 Hz
  • Test Value Static / Reference Value Static: 0.01-10000 ±1% (Ad dimensional coefficients);
  • Dynamic stator test: Repeatability ±1% (of the calculated measurement and deviation);
  • Dynamic rotor test: Repeatability ±2% (of calculated measurement and deviation);
  • Resistance: Measurement range 0.01-999 Ω (0.01-99.9 Ω ±1%, resolution: 0.01 mΩ – 100 Ω-500 Ω ±1.5%, 501 Ω-999 Ω ±2.5%);
  • Relative accuracy “Phase/Phase” ± 0.1%;
  • Impedance: 0.1-999 Ω ±2%, maximum resolution: 0.01 Ω;
  • Relative Accuracy “Phase/Phase” ± 0.2%;
  • Inductance: Measuring range: 1-999mH ; 1-200mH ±2%, for the other values ±3%;
  • Relative accuracy “Phase/Phase” ±0.2%;
  • Phase angle: 1-90° ±1°, maximum resolution: 0.1°;
  • Relative accuracy “Phase/Phase” ± 0.1°;
  • I/F ratio: -50%~+99% ± 1%, maximum resolution: 0.1%;
  • Phase/Phase” relative accuracy ± 0.1%;
  • Dissipation factor DF (carcass – stator): 1-100% of the measurement range (expressed as a percentage);
  • 1-10% ±0.75% (C = 10-1000 nF) ±1.0% (all other C values in the range 2-2000 nF)
    10-30% ±1.0% (this specification is based on battery operation not connected to PC via USB cable);
  • Capacitance (housing – stator): 2-2000 nF of measuring range;
  • 10-2000 nF ±5% (this specification is based on battery operation not connected to PC via USB cable);
  • Insulation resistance: 0-5000 MΩ @500V or 1000V
    1-999 MΩ ±3%, for all other values ±5%.

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MCA PRO -The simple but powerful software for MCA analysis and management of the machine fleet and inspection tours.

The electrical condition of the engine at a glance.
The three colours for a reliable diagnosis.
The “TVS” parameter as “blueprint” of the engine.

  • It allows the management of the engine and field surveillance databases.
  • Track every type of motor (AC or DC) and transformers in a simple but functional way.
  • It collects all relevant electrical data of the examined components on a single page.
  • It allows you to trace the trends of all the parameters detected, including the TVS value, the “blueprint” of the engine.

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ALL-TEST PRO “Motor Genie®”

“Offline” MCA Motor Testing Analyser

Motor Testing “entry level” for windings health in three-phase asynchronous motors, in a simple way

Small, very light, ” cuirassed “, it uses the same technology as the most powerful instruments and applied in a precise way on what is really needed for a basic diagnosis.

The Motor Genie® uses the electrical parameters below to determine, in a simple way, the condition of the ground insulation, the condition of the connections but above all the damage between windings, both within a single phase and between phases.

Thanks to a simple application it is possible to define the condition of the statoric part of the motor.

  • Impedance;
  • Phase-to-phase resistance;
  • Phase angle;
  • Current/Frequency I/F response;
  • Resistance: to earth: 500V or 1000V with
  • measurement up to 500MΩ.

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Put yourself to the test and become independent.

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