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We introduce ourselves

We are the “doctors” of machines, passionate technical enthusiasts dedicated to plant diagnostics.

As a multi-purpose diagnostic center, we specialize in Thermography, Bearing and Vibration Analysis, Motion Amplification®, Ultrasound, Partial Discharge Control, Motor Testing, Precision Alignment, and Dynamic Rotor Balancing, in a few words we are the best in Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Technology for the industry.

Before founding DarkWave Thermo, our team worked for several industries: food, metallurgy, and chemical.

We have experienced the reality of those who are always on the run, between machines,  struggling every day to make production, efficient, and cost-effective.

We are located in Brescia, in the North of Italy, in a strategic area. But we have the ability to travel wherever you may need us.

We operate mainly in Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Tuscany, and Liguria, but we are often abroad, so it is by no means a problem to work anywhere.

We strongly believe in technological advances, proactive maintenance and in new diagnostic innovation methods.

We have applied FMEA analysis, guided continuous improvement activities, used the best diagnostic techniques to check machinery and plants.

Our story, in a few words:

When we first thought about founding DarkWave Thermo we were working on Maintenance, at the Italian food industry that gave birth to Nutella.

We learned to use Thermography, vibration analysis, high-frequency shock pulse analysis and ultrasound analysis. To perform Predictive Maintenance.

We have applied FMEA analysis, guided continuous improvement activities, using the best diagnostic techniques to control machinery and facilities.

It was hard and endless work. But we learned a lot.

If we add to this an incurable desire to face difficult problems and projects, it becomes easy to understand the real and natural drive to found DarkWave Thermo.

Why a foreign name? We wanted to also work abroad and we started doing industrial inspections, as we did at the beginning, as employees 18 years before.

It may sound like an odd name, but we feel DarkWave.

Our team works.

Because we are qualified technicians and certified according to ISO 9712 Level II and III for NDT – Thermography tests, with ISO 18436 Level II certification and Level III certification according to ITC – Infrared Training Center.

As qualified technicians, we are certified according to ISO 18436 Category IV standard for vibration analysis.

We are qualified and certified in accordance with ISO 18436 Level III for Airborne/Structure borne Ultrasound analysis.

We went to certify at I.I.S. – Italian Institute of Welding, BINDT – British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and ITC – Infrared Training Center.

For vibration analysis, we are certified with the prestigious Mobius Institute and we are among the very few in Italy to have a Category IV certified technician!

For the analysis with Ultrasounds, we have learned from the very best of EU Systems.

And we are the Italian experts and pioneers of Motion Amplification®.

  • Luca Del Nero is an ITC – Infrared Training Center instructor with international training experience and over 4000 hours of training in certified Level I and II Thermography courses in Italy, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

    Furthermore, he is also a Level III certified Thermographic operator, Level IV certified vibration analyst and Level III certified ultrasound analyst.

    Motion Amplification® authorized instructor.

We are always evolving.

From our first thermal imaging camera, the incredible Agema 550, we arrived today at the FLIR T640.

From the first SPM A10 bearing analyzer, we went to the SPM Leonova Diamond.

Today we work with exceptional instruments. Because the lightweight and handy AT5 and AT POL II from All-Test PRO, the powerful Ultraprobe 15000 from UE Systems, and the compact and reliable UltraTEV Plus2 from EA Technology are the best on the market.

Our next goal is the highest level of training in all the techniques in which we operate, for all our technicians.

We still want to grow in the international market, where we already operate in partnership with the most important International School of Thermography: ITC – Infrared Training Center.

We strongly believe in technological progress, assisted by careful/fast minds.

DarkWave Thermo S.r.l.

+39 331 3485866
+39 347 9272219
Via Mantova, 15-21 – 25123 Brescia – Italy

DarkWave Thermo Schweiz KLG

+41 796 111695
Furlängeweg, 655 - 5325 Leibstadt - Switzerland