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Rotating machines: advanced methods of vibration and shock pulse analysis

Vibration, shock pulse analysis with HD ENV and HD SPM techniques. Dynamic rotor balancing.

Analysis of rotating machines assumes key importance, especially for machines that cause very expensive plant downtime.

When the replacement of a bearing or coupling cannot be carried out during planned downtime, undesired plant downtime may occur.

This is the case, for example, in paper mills, cement works, refineries, chemical plants, and food processing plants. And many more.

Condition monitoring by means of vibration analysis, be it merely by analyzing the average RMS value, the FFT spectrum technique, or with the very advanced SPM HD or HD ENV techniques, can give an indication of the machine status.

The more information available, the more accurate a detailed analysis is possible.

The analysis of the machines with the Shock Pulse method, a method patented by SPM Instrument for several decades, allows us to accurately assess the state of the bearings and the lubrication status, even for very low-speed machines.

Inspections with portable instruments are the most effective solution for the control and efficient maintenance of rotating machines.

The advanced SPM HD and HD ENV techniques: the winning weapon for bearings and gearboxes.

The “black beasts” of vibration experts have always been the bearings and gears, perhaps at low speeds or variable revolutions.

Today, with the techniques available in SPM Instrument instrumentation it is possible to analyse slow and very slow shafts, up to 1 RPM.

These are specific techniques, which use specific sampling and signal intensification algorithms and, in the case of the SPM HD technique, also a specific Shock Pulse (ultrasound structure borne) sensor.

Today SPM Instrument also uses the innovative integrated DuoTech® sensor with dual function: vibrational analysis and Shock Pulse in the same system.

The instruments we use are extremely innovative and sophisticated, as well as practical and light.

The Leonova Diamond is the key tool in our field analysis, thanks to its power and handling.

Equipped with all the advanced algorithms of the SPM Instrument, the Leonova Diamond allows us to analyse all the verified points directly in the field, with all the techniques available.

The combination of classical techniques, speed and acceleration analysis, combine with advanced envelope techniques with wide band accelerometer and the Shock Pulse sensor, centred at 32 kHz.

The possibility of acquiring and displaying both spectra and waveforms in the field allows the technician to immediately visualise any possible anomaly on site.

The measurement function in “Order Tracking” allows advanced checks to be carried out on variable speed machines.

The “Time Synchronous Averaging” measurement function, coupled with high-resolution algorithms, allows any anomaly on gearbox gears to be highlighted accurately and precisely, even at very low speeds.

We, at DarkWave Thermo, have always worked in predictive maintenance to improve the company’s KPIs.

See the steps by which you plan and perform an analysis:


We define with you the machines to be monitored, based on objective parameters


We collect the technical data needed to set up the analysis and measurement techniques


We create a database that will manage the measurements and allow us to analyse the results.


We go on-site to acquire the various measurements, at the points established by the pre-analysis


We check all acquired data directly on-site so that we do not miss anything.


We analyse every measurement with the powerful Condmaster Ruby® software.


We create a complete, precise and accurate report suggesting possible solutions


We recheck after the intervention, to give you the confidence that everything works

When needed, we stare the machinery in the face, thanks to the use of endoscopic technique applied to gearboxes and complex machinery.

When the analysis signals potential anomalies, it is best to look immediately.

When an FFT spectrum or waveform graph indicates the presence of anomalies, the main thing to do is to check the real severity.

The simplest and quickest solution is to use a flexible, operator-controlled endoscopic probe to closely observe the gears and, as far as possible, the rolling bearings.

Since an image says more than a thousand words, we will provide a specific report on what can be observed on sight, as support for vibrational diagnosis.

The first step towards Predictive Independence:
simple and effective tools for vibration and bearing analysis

Predictive Independence pushed to its maximum:
advanced and expert tools providing 360° vibrational analysis

Optimises component life cycle and minimises maintenance costs.

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