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Motion Amplification®

The amazing new technique for seeing vibrations

Motion Amplification® is the latest breakthrough in the analysis of machines, systems, and structures: it allows us to “Visualize movement”.

Viewing motion is definitely the best way to understand where problems are and how to solve them.

How does this amazing new technique discovered by RDI Technologies work?

Data Acquisition

A high-speed camera, along with an incredible and innovative software, record the machines and the structures you want to control. Remotely.

Data processing

The video is made of millions of pixels. These are quickly processed to simultaneously give millions of vibrating sensors.


We know… it’s such an innovative technique that it seems unbelievable

…but it’s mere reality. A revolution in vibration analysis.

  • A case of resonance in a traction system of a cable car.

Motion Amplification® is a fantastic new “problem solving” technique.

Because when an unexpected vibration has an unclear and undefined origin, things become really complex for those who have to solve the problem.

Motion Amplification® analysis lets us see, amplified, and slow-motioned, what really happens.

So, in this way, we can see, understand, share, deepen, and … solve.

What we see are microns, hundredths, tenths of a millimeter…analyzed, and amplified!

Motion Amplification® is a really “easy” technique.

No doubt about it: those who are already familiar with vibration analysis will easily discover the potential and can quickly apply it in the field.

(Read more about vibration and bearing analysis here)

Watching the movement helps you understand, focus, and share the problem.

To find out more, here’s how “vibration” analysis works with Motion Amplification®:

The following are the steps by which an analysis is performed :


We define with you the machines to verify


We identify the optimal shooting points


We amplify the footage to detect anomalies right on the screen


We analyze the data on-site to identify the causes of the problem.


We map the system to highlight and spot what is wrong with it, from all sides


We create video reports highlighting the critical points


We help you to identify solutions to eliminate detected anomalies


We will recheck after maintenance has been carried out, if necessary.

Seeing motion helps spotlight the problem.

Mechanical stability and consequent resonance in a cableway system

Misalignment of centrifugal pumps and impact on the pipes of an evaporation tower

The Motion, filtered to the third harmonic, of an Encoder support

Damaged foundations in a centrifugal fan of an aluminium heating furnace

Motion Amplification®
The incredible new technique for “seeing” vibrations

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