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Thermography allows the accurate, precise and punctual verification of district heating systems.

For almost 5 years we have been working in the field of leakage and fault detection in district heating systems.

We work with high-resolution thermal cameras and wide-angle lenses installed on vehicles or with a walking operator.

In this way, it is possible to control kilometers of capillary networks by checking every single section, even in gardens and under parked vehicles.

For each anomaly detected, the technician marks the relevant point on the ground. So that the details of the location and the anomaly can then be precisely informed to the technicians responsible for maintenance.

In order to ensure the precise inspection of the controlled sections, radiometric films and GPS tracks with time stamps of the passages on the streets in question are recorded during the shooting.

If necessary, we also work with drones, but analysis of district heating networks is more capillary and faster with a thermal camera mounted on a vehicle and two technicians.

More than 1000 km of underground pipelines are checked every year throughout Italy.
Only we at DarkWave Thermo can proudly boast such references, among the service companies.

We check the lines meter by meter, by car or on foot.

The thermal camera is mounted on the car, connected to a PC, with the technician who examines every single meter of pavement.

In any doubt, it is possible to stop, analyze the single problem, and capture the necessary images.

We trace the pipelines and capture the videos of the routes

As you proceed, all images are captured in “radiometric streaming” and transferred to the hard disk.

The technician performs the inspection directly in the field but, in case of doubt, he can revise the data afterward and compare them with the previous inspection.

We mark the critical points on site for precise intervention.

Once an anomaly is detected, the technicians get out and track the anomalous point (s) on the sidewalk and capture detailed thermal images.

In this way, the point is precisely identified for the teams that need to perform the maintenance work.

Level III certified reports

At DarkWave Thermo we carry out district heating network measurements with two certified operators of Level II or higher, according to the standards required by the market.

The reports are all verified by our technical manager, Level III thermography expert and international instructor.

Thanks to the radiometric footage acquired in the field, we can review every situation when we prepare the report, so that we can be sure that we have not forgotten anything.

Our acquisition procedures during the inspection, the continuous analysis techniques with thermal camera constantly connected to the computer, with the vehicle and always and only with technicians expert in the control of district heating, allow a fast and efficient activity, with about 30-50 km of network verified at each intervention.

Thermography in district heating: contact us to check your network.

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