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SPM Instrument equipment

The best on the market for the analysis of rotating machines.
Both with portable devices and fixed systems

At Darkwave Thermo, we are technical partners and authorised distributors.

With Darkwave Thermo you can choose: rely on our service or provide it yourself.

As technical and commercial partners of SPM Instrument we can start the system and provide you with the service with periodic inspections.

For each machine and each measuring point we will prepare the most suitable measuring routines: on the bearings we will focus on SPM HD and HD ENV techniques with filter 4.

For gearboxes we will focus on HD ENV techniques and Acceleration measurement.

If necessary we can apply Time Synchronous Averaging analysis with signal intensification algorithms.

Later on, when you are satisfied and feel able to continue on your own, we will be able to support you throughout the transition period and in your training, until you are able, on your own, to continue with the analysis.

We will also choose the best instrumentation and configuration together.

If you already know what you need, we can study the best solution with you.

We chose SPM Instrument because it has always guaranteed us ergonomic instruments with “exceptional” performance and results.

We support each of our customers in the development of their predictive maintenance system, with the most advanced equipment on the market.

The first step towards Predictive Independence:
simple and effective instruments for vibration and bearing analysis

Predictive Independence brought to a maximum:
advanced and expert tools for 360° vibrational analysis

The first step towards Predictive Independence

BearingChecker BC200/BC250 

Bearing Analyzer – Let’s see how it works and how it is made.

Already at the end of the ’68 it was discovered that poorly lubricated and/or damaged bearings emitted mechanical waves inside the materials.

Therefore, being able to detect and measure these mechanical waves was the easiest and fastest way to diagnose the condition of the bearings. The mechanics already knew this: with a screwdriver or an iron rod resting on the ear and bearing seat, they could give their opinion.

Whether you call them “structure-borne” Ultrasound or Shock Pulse, we are talking about the same thing: acoustic waves in materials working at frequencies >30kHz.
SPM Instrument was born from the name given to these pulses: Shock Pulse Measurement.

It is a small, simple, easy and above all “very powerful” system.
Also to lubricate the bearings in the best possible way.

Analizzatore portatile “entry level” di controllo per cuscinetti con il metodo Shock Pulse

  • Measurement technology: dBm/dBc Shock Pulse Detection
  • Measuring range: -9 / 90 dBsv, +/-3 dBsv
  • Type of sensor: integrated or external, type 40000, 42000000, TRA73, TRA74 or TRA75
    Condition indication: green, yellow, red
  • Stethoscope: stethoscope function with 7 amplification levels
  • Type of stethoscope sensor: integrated or external, type 40000
  • Internal memory: possibility to store up to 10 measurement values
  • Display: 2.4″ TFT LCD display
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Battery life: >25 hours, with normal use
  • Battery type: 3.63 V lithium-ion rechargeable via USB
  • Weight: less than 335 g
  • Optional/exclusive accessories (depending on version): external Shock Pulse probe, professional headset

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VibChecker VC200/VC250

Vibration analyzer – Let’s see how it works and how it is made.

It allows a quick, easy and non-invasive check of the bearings directly in the field, for condition maintenance activities and verification of malfunctions.

When a machine vibrates, it deflects light in an imperceptibly variable way over time, depending on its frequency and type of movement.

The smallest and simplest portable vibration analyzer with FFT spectrum and waveform display.

“Entry-level” hand-held vibration analyser with FFT spectrum and waveform analysis

  • Frequency range: 10 to 1000 Hz
  • Sensor type: integrated accelerometer type MEMS or external transducers TRM100/TRM120 or IEPE with voltage output.
  • Readings: RMS/peak-to-peak
  • Measuring range in RMS speed: 100 mm/s at 80 Hz
  • Measuring range under RMS acceleration: 100 mm/s2 at 10-1000 Hz
  • Measuring range in displacement RMS: 100 um at 80 Hz
  • Condition assessment: according to ISO2372 and ISO10816 Parts 2, 3 and 4>600 RPM
  • Spectrum: linear, 200/400/800 lines, Hanning window, Hz/CPM, zoom, RPM markers
  • Waveform: 512/1024/2048 samples, zoom, markers
  • Indication of condition: green, yellow, red
  • Storage of 10 measurements
  • IP65 protection
  • Battery life: >25 hours, with normal use
  • Battery type: 3.63 V lithium-ion rechargeable via USB
  • Weight: less than 335 g

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Intellinova Parallel MB System

The fixed intelligent “entry-level” system for machine analysis.

A small system capable of analysing vibrations and shock pulses in detail, intervening with automatic alarms when the thresholds set for each symptom are exceeded.

Whether it is a bearing damage, a misalignment, an unbalance, a tower gear, the system is able to understand the cause of the anomaly and the increase in vibration or shock pulse values detected and to send a signal to the PLC or to the supervision system.

The Intellinova Parallel MB system applies the advanced SPM HD and HD ENV algorithms, designed to work on simple machines, even in stand-alone applications, providing the best of itself when coupled to DuoTech® sensors.

The smallest, simplest and most complete fixed vibration analyzer with integrated symptom analysis.

Expert vibrational and shock pulse analysis system with integrated analysis of global values and specific symptoms with SPM HD and HD ENV techniques

  • Measuring channels: 4, in parallel
  • Measurement range, vibrations: >50 g peak-to-peak (with 100 mV/g transducer)
  • Measurement range, SPM: 0 to 75 dB
  • Resolution: 7 microg/vHz, 0.5-40000 Hz, using 100 mV/g transducer
  • Spectrum lines: 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
  • Transducer type, vibrations: SLD, SLC, DuoTech or IEPE standard accelerometer
  • Transducer type, SPM: DuoTech SLC accelerometer
  • RPM channels: RPM1 and RPM2 (parallel measurement), proximity, 1-120000 RPM (with 1 pulse/turn)
  • Digital In/Out: 6 channels configurable as input/output
  • Digital output: 24V/0.8 A per channel, maximum 3 A per channel
  • Communication: Modbus RTU
  • Insulated outputs: BNC connector
  • Power supply: 24 VDC (15 to 36 V)
  • Power: <3W
  • Operating temperature: from 0 to 50°C
  • Structure: aluminium
  • Mounting: DIN rail
  • Dimensions and weight: 105.4x99x72.7 mm, 370 g

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Analysis tools for predictive independence

Maximum capacity

Leonova “Emerald”

The lightest advanced multifunction data logger with the incredible SPM HD and HD ENV techniques.

The Leonova “Emerald” is the ideal tool for use in harsh industrial environments and is recommended for inspection teams and Maintenance Engineers.

Lightweight, compact, it can handle a very large amount of data as well as providing a compact representation of FFT spectra and waveforms in small spaces.

Climbing ladders, in confined spaces, in industrial environments is no problem.

The Leonova “Emerald” uses the innovative SPM HD and HD ENV techniques for low and very low speed bearing measurements and enables order tracking and field balancing of rotors.

Incredible performance in unique handling.

  • Rolling bearing analysis using the HD SPM method and spectrum with trend bands for rotation speeds from 1 to 20000 RPM;
  • Fault evaluation function using EVAM® method and vibration spectrum up to 12800 lines and real zoom;
  • Vibration analysis up to a frequency of 20 kHZ;
  • Dynamic range 120 dB, 24 bit AD;
  • Pre-fault symptoms for spectrum analysis;
  • Spectrum cascade, phase and real time;
  • Simultaneous storage up to 50 hours;
  • Envelope, real zoom, simultaneous measurement;
  • Stroboscope input/output for RPM measurement and order tracking analysis;
  • Motor current analysis;
  • Speed measurements from 1 to 120000 RPM;
  • Stethoscope function with professional headphones;
  • Voice recording for comments;
  • Function for balancing rotors in the field;
  • RF transponder for contactless identification of measuring points, with connected measuring functions;
  • Can be used with only one hand;
  • Backlit 3.5″ TFT colour screen;
  • Fall 1 metre high certificate (IEC 60079-0);
  • Reinforced carbon shell, IP65.

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Leonova “Diamond”

Advanced multi-channel multi-function data logger: the most precise and early measurement techniques for bearings and gearboxes at low and ultra-low speed.

The advanced multifunction instrument for condition-based maintenance.

It includes ultra-high resolution SPM HD and HD ENV rolling bearing and gear analysis functions, vibration analyzer with FFT functions, dynamic two-plane rotor balancing, shaft alignment, orbital analysis, triaxial measurement, bump test, run up/coast down test and more.

Unique, for accurate measurements with superlative analysis algorithms.

  • Rolling bearing analysis using high frequency methods SPM HD, HD ENV and spectrum with trend bands for rotational speeds from 1 to 20000 RPM;
  • Fault-assessment unction, using EVAM® method and vibration spectrum;
  • Triaxial and phase measurement;
  • “Order Tracking” function Vibration analysis up to a frequency of 40 kHZ;
  • Dynamic range >100 dB, 24 bit AD;
  • Envelope, real zoom, simultaneous measurement;
  • Spectrum cascade, phase and real time;
  • Motor current analysis function;
  • Funzione stetoscopio con cuffia professionale;
  • Funzione di equilibratura rotori in campo su singolo e doppio piano;
  • Funzione di allineamento laser di alberi;
  • Funzione di Bump Test;
  • Funzione test Run up/Coast down;
  • Misurazione della velocità fino a 120000 RPM;
  • Registrazione di commenti vocali;
  • Transponder RF per identificazione “contactless” dei punti di misura;
  • Certificato per caduta da 1 metro di altezza (IEC 60079-0);
  • Guscio in carbonio rinforzato, IP65.

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Leonova “Diamond Aligner”

Simple laser alignment within the reach of any technician or maintenance operator.

The Leonova “Diamond Aligner” is the simple and lightweight tool ideal for field alignments on horizontal and vertical machines.

Very light, compact, with bluetooth laser heads, it can align shafts up to 3 metres long.

There is of course the routine to analyse and correct the presence of “lame foot” in order to obtain the optimal conditions before performing the typical specific operations for good alignment.

The instrumentation also makes it possible to carry out thermal compensation, to take into account machinery with large temperature variations during operation.

It is very important to remember that even the best joint coupling is not able to reduce bearing loads when alignment is not carried out in the correct way: only precision alignment guarantees maximum life of the rotating parts.

Intellinova Parallel EN / Classic / Compact

“Advanced” system for the continuous analysis of vibrations and bearings with Shock Pulse method.

Fixed acquisition system for vibration analysis and Shock Pulse up to 32 channels for each unit, with the possibility of interfacing multiple units for the realization of complex systems.

It can also acquire analogue signals indicated by the customer.

  • Rolling bearing analysis using the SPM HD method;
  • Function of fault assessment using EVAM method and vibration spectrum;
  • Simultaneous measurement function of 2 channels;
  • Orbital analysis function;
  • Run up and Coast down function;
  • Analysis with symptoms, alarms and trending function;
  • Interfaceable with PLC and DCS and SCADA systems;
  • Communication via TCP/IP;
  • Equipped with WEB module and alarms via email or SMS.

Software Condmaster® Ruby 2020

A powerful, simple, intuitive and extremely advanced Software for Vibration and Shock Pulse analysis management for both Online Industry 4.0 systems and periodic inspection activities.

  • It is the specific software for all SPM Instrument instruments, both for fixed installations Industry 4.0 and portable instruments;
  • It is easy, intuitive, fast and allows you to quickly manage an incredible amount of data;
  • Thanks to the customizable representations of pages and graphs and especially the guided identification of symptoms, the analysis of spectra and waveforms is easy and precise;
  • The creation of the inspection patrols and the specifications for each type of measurement is quick: in a short time it is possible to program the measurement of a large number of machines and measuring points;
  • The system is modular: from a single machine analysed with a portable instrument it is possible to manage an entire plant equipped with Industria 4.0 online systems, all with the same software profile;
  • The modules and the completeness of the analysis can also be chosen at a later date, without losing any data and without the need for a large initial investment;
  • The software is multi-licensing: it is possible to install a single license and then, over time, expand the user base, according to the needs of the plant.

Put yourself to the test and become “predictably independent”.

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