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Investing time and money for a certified ISO 9712 and ISO 18436 Thermography course means responding to growing needs in the industrial world.

We are ITC partners – Infrared Training Center – the “Number One” School of Thermography in the World.

Do you want to become a Certified Thermographic Operator with training and certification recognized and appreciated all over the world?

Only an ITC international partner – Infrared Training Center – can support your every need. ITC has always offered certified thermography courses of the highest level, because ITC was born with thermography.

All over the world, ITC courses have the same outstanding quality and the same teaching method.  The team of instructors, with real and demonstrable experience, provides a wide range of courses in diagnostic technology of which ITC has always been a leader: infrared thermography.

ITC relies on partners of proven quality and experience to deliver its courses and seminars. You can find the same ITC course anywhere in the world, in the language of the country where you are or in English.

DarkWave Thermo works in full collaboration with ITC providing full support for certified and specialized courses in Italy, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Training is provided by qualified instructors with international experience, in multiple fields of application, with decades of experience.

When you want to become a thermographic operator of excellence, ITC thermography courses are the only possible answer.

We teach Thermography, indeed:
with any thermal imaging camera and for any application

ITC courses – Infrared Training Center – cover every need.

Introduction to thermography, level 1 and 2 certified courses according to ISO 9712 and ISO 18436.

In addition, advanced courses for experts in the sector, such as the Industrial Diagnostics course or the complete Advanced Building course, with dozens of real cases analysed and practical exercises.

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – December 2011

Muscat, Oman – February 2012

Dammam, KSA – May 2013

Dammam, KSA – May 2017

Dubai, UAE – May 2016

Doha, Qatar – April 2018

  • Luca Del Nero, technical manager of DarkWave Thermo, as well as Founding Member of the Italian Association of Infrared Thermography, is a Level III certified thermographic operator with I.T.C., Level III ISO 9712 with I.I.S. and Level II ISO 18436 PCD with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). He has been working for years as International Thermography Instructor for I.T.C. – Infrared Training Center.

    In the last 9 years he has held over 4000 hours of certified and specialized training courses all over the world.

    He has held certified Thermographic Operator courses, on-site courses in industrial applications, courses for photovoltaic fields, and advanced building courses for industry experts.

    Student and friend of Roberto Rinaldi, ITC’s EMEA manager and one of Europe’s leading thermography experts, he is the author of the most comprehensive advanced thermographic diagnostics course in the construction industry.

An ITC course – Infrared Training Center – is unique and inimitable.
For thermographic operators who want to achieve excellence.

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