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Fixed installations vibration analysis and shock pulse industry 4.0

The most important machines that impact the heart of production deserve continuous control with advanced systems and IoT.

When a machine starts to have problems with bearings, gears, ground fixings, belts or any other type of equipment, vibration analysis is one of the most effective ways to detect anomalies early and avoid undesired stoppages and costs.

For the most important systems, the most effective way today is to apply fixed sensors constantly monitored by dedicated and integrated software, as in IoT and Industry 4.0.

SPM Instrument is a world leader in the area of diagnostics of rotating machinery at low and extremely low speeds and in complex gearboxes.

We are official partners for Italy of SPM Instrument.

We supply fixed Vibration Analysis and Shock Pulse systems with the incredible SPM HD and HD ENV diagnostic techniques for very low-speed bearings and gears.

Intellinova® units are designed to work in a branched structure. Each terminal controls from 6 to 32 measuring points using vibration and shock pulse analysis techniques.

A centralised system capable of managing several units via both cable and wifi connection includes the data processing software.

The systems can be monitored by following the status of the machines from the synoptic panel or by generating alarms for the company system, via email or mobile phone messages to the reference technicians.

Scalability is the strength of the SPM Instrument systems: it is possible to start with a small system with 8 measuring points and gradually expand it to an integrated system with hundreds of sensors scattered in several areas of the plant.

Where it is not possible to use ethernet or wifi networks, it is possible to use the cellular network connection for the management and downloading of measurement data.

  • The Intellinova® units are positioned in the centre of the areas that gather the points to be checked;
  • The measuring points can be up to 100 metres away from the control and acquisition units;
  • The various units are connected to the central computer via LAN or mobile connection;
  • Airius® wifi sensors connected with acces points are installed in places where wiring is not possible;
  • The central computer contains the Condmaster Ruby® software and manages data and alarms;
  • The Condmaster Ruby® software communicates with the client’s systems in order to manage measurement cycles;
  • The Condmaster Ruby® itself can manage the data of machines controlled by manual patrols;
  • The system can be expanded and integrated over time, in a modular manner.

Intellinova® Standard 

 Intellinova® Parallel EN and Compact

  • The phases of design, installation and management of a fixed vibration analysis and Shock Pulse Industry 4.0 system

The ideal solution to constantly monitor both vibration and Shock Pulse spectrum of the critical points of your systems.

The Intellinova® project for remote or online condition monitoring will be developed following these steps:

  • Analysis of the situation of the installations in the field and collection of technical information relating to the measuring points;
  • Study of the necessary sensor configuration and optimization;
  • Intellinova® system installation;
  • Configuration of the system and Condmaster Ruby® data analysis software;
  • System start-up and optimisation;
  • Training of the client’s staff;
  • Continuous data acquisition, analysis of data anomalies and alarms;
  • Diagnosis and indication of necessary corrective actions;
  • On request, periodic analysis of the data and condition of the systems, with a dedicated expert, of the condition of the systems, remotely.

The “Duotech” dual sensor by SPM Instrument
Vibrations and Shock Pulse in the same casing

“Duotech” is the sensor capable of integrating the HD SPM technique, specific for bearings, with other vibration intensity measurement techniques, with the incredible new HD ENV technology.

“Duotech” allows not only to assess rolling bearing damage but also to diagnose the lubrication condition.

The SPM method is in fact based on the interpretation of the “shock impulses”, i.e. ultrasounds that propagate in structures at over 30 kHz and which also allow the state of the lubricant to be accurately verified.

The ideal sensors for Intellinova® systems

Innovators with Shock Pulse technology, which for decades has revolutionised early diagnosis on rolling bearings, today SPM Instrument is on the market with two innovative products.

“Airius” is SPM Instrument’s innovative Wifi vibration sensor, specific for systems where wiring is complex or impossible, such as in automatic warehouses, robots or AGV shuttles, and much more.

Thanks to the scalable architecture of the Intellinova® systems, “Airius” can be easily integrated into an existing system together with other Intellinova® modules or directly connected to a processing unit with the Condmaster Ruby® software.

In addition to vibration analysis, “Airius” is able to measure the temperature of surfaces on which it is installed, for even more complete and effective diagnosis.

The “Airius” wifi sensor from SPM Instrument

DarkWave Thermo and SPM Instrument will be present at every stage of the process, from the first technical meeting to the implementation of the system.

On request we also provide you with a dedicated specialist for periodic remote control of machines and plants.

The SPM method, now in the most advanced SPM HD version, was created using specific sensors that resonate at 32 kHz, designed to precisely identify the ultrasonic pulses that damaged or poorly lubricated bearings transmit to materials: these signals are detected at frequencies above 30 kHz.

The HD ENV method, on the other hand, uses “vibration envelope” techniques to detect all the weak signals that bearings and gears transmit to the machinery when damage begins to occur.

With the use of advanced algorithms and digital filters, today’s HD and HD ENV SPM methods are capable of detecting damage in bearings and gears that even work at 1 RPM and identifying bearing failures as early as phase 1.

The Industry 4.0 systems specific for important plants and for low and ultra-low speed analysis.

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